7 Ways to Have More Creative Ideas Than You Thought Possible

Anyone who creates needs a steady influx of new ideas. Everything every created, everything ever invented, began with a tiny gem of an idea in someone’s mind. Every single one began the same way.

So it follows that if we don’t have any ideas to work with, we’re not going to be able to create anything.

Here to help you out then are 7 brilliant ways to have more creative ideas than you thought possible.

1. Use your senses. We experience the world through our five senses, and we create using them too. But often we ignore our surroundings so much that we might as well be wandering around with a bucket of jam on our head!

Wherever you are, the world around you is thriving with stimuli. Focus on just one of your senses, for example your sight, for five minutes, and write down everything you experience, every last detail. The more you do this simple exercise, the more alert and aware you’ll become, and you’ll realise that stimulation for new creative ideas is everywhere.

2. Write lists. Ideas often come and go in our minds, and the problem is not actually manifesting the ideas, but capturing them before they disappear. How often have you had a flash of inspiration, vowed you’ll work on it later, only to completely forget it moment afterwards?

2012-11-13_kohn_hanukkah-decorations-paper-dreidels-2Writing lists firstly is a way of recording those ideas as soon as they occur, but the added benefit is that once you have a few items in a list, your mind naturally wants to add more. Plus you’re creativity will begin looking at different things in your list and ways of combining or cross pollinating them. A very powerful idea breeding ground. Try it!

3. Read a range of materials. If you read the same magazines, articles, websites and books, then although you are getting new content, it’s likely to be in a very similar style and tone to that you’ve already seen. So after a while, its ability to stimulate new thoughts in you will diminish and eventually dry up. Which isn’t very helpful for generating new ideas.

There’s an easy solution. Read a range of materials, and especially in areas you’ve never read before. Try a gardening magazine, a carpentry blog, a biography of a racing driver, or a novel set in 14th century Japan. Find stuff that’s very new to you, and it will instantly stir up new connections and ideas in your mind.

4. Visit new places. When we visit the same places the whole time, travel the same routes to work, or college or to our favourite haunts, we can become blind to everything around us. It’s as if we travel on autopilot and become immune to any fresh stimulation.

An obvious remedy is to visit a few new places, where your mind and senses are going to automatically be more alive, because of the different surroundings. Even better, take a camera, sketchbook or notebook and record everything that interests you. New ideas will be triggered left, right and centre.

5. Write freeform, edit later. Sometimes the best ideas aren’t right on the surface, beautifully formed and waiting to be plucked like a fresh juicy peach on a low branch of the tree. Sometimes the best ideas take a bit of probing, a little digging up.

A great way of doing this is to just write freeform about whatever you wish to. Even if your first few lines seem boring, or even nonsense, keep writing non-stop for at least ten minutes. As you go, you’ll find your creative mind going off at intriguing tangents that will spur exciting new thoughts and ideas. Then, simply pluck out the best bits and expand them into new creative projects.

6. Keep an ideas journal. Your mind is just as capable of having an endless supply of creative ideas as the next person, but sometimes it might not fee like that. The main reason is nearly always that you’re not capturing the ideas you do have.

Get a simple notebook or journal to become your Ideas Journal. Every time you have an idea, write it down. The more you use the journal, the more ideas you’ll notice. An added bonus is the ideas you record will magically begin to grow, so when you return to them you’ll find all kind of offshoot thoughts appearing too. Start your Ideas Journal today!

7. Believe you’re capable of having ideas. This is crucial. If you’re going around with an inner monologue that goes something like: “I’m not creative, I NEVER have any good ideas” then guess what? You’ll never have any good ideas! By believing you’re creative, you greatly increase the frequency of ideas you have.

Here’s a simple way to prove you’re creative. Imagine a small boy called Peter, who wears blue shorts and has a magic horse. Now I guarantee that you’ve already pictured Peter and his horse in your mind, and are wondering what he’s like, why the horse is magic and what adventures they might get up to. Am I right? See! You’re far more creative than you think, believe in yourself and your creativity!

nleash Your Creativity – 3 Powerful Ways To Capture & Grow More Creative Ideas

The nurture of latest inventive suggestions could be complex.

We’ve all dealt with versions of writer’s block or artist’s block, the sensation of sitting down in a blank screen, website page or canvas, not figuring out what or easy methods to construct and terrified we will never ever generate anything at all of any value ever all over again!

The cycle starts to feed on alone, the fewer new tips you’ve, the fewer strategies appear to show up.

A sort of desperate hunger mentality sets in.

Once you do hold the odd strategy you seize upon it like a hungry animal, tearing it apart, devouring and discarding it in seconds earlier than wanting close to frantically for that next approach to existing alone.

It happens to be not an gratifying state of mind for being in for any person imaginative, and qualified prospects to further frustration and restricting of latest options.

The good news is, this type of cycle also will work for the opposite finish for the creativity spectrum.

Once we receive a couple resourceful concepts recorded and increasing, previous to we all know it there is an alternative and a second, and soon we’re overflowing with significantly more thoughts than we all know what to do with.

The more imaginative suggestions now we have, the more we appear to have.

We’ve just received to get the cycle heading by obtaining adequate hints at first to make certain that they begin sparking off every other along with the momentum carries us forward and on to extra and a lot more.

So in this article are 3 efficient procedures in your case to capture and grow an plentiful move of inventive options:

1. Make use of a Creative Thoughts Ebook. This can be almost any tiny pocket notebook, a specific thing you possibly can quickly carry near along with you. You’ll be able to divide the webpages into aspects or columns and take a look at to organise your ideas because they can be found in, but generally, the less complicated you retain this, the more robust and valuable it will become.

Each time you have a new concept, jot it down within the e-book. Compose sufficient so you can come back to the approach and broaden upon it, quite than just a crafting a phrase or two.

As an example when i considered the concept for this article, I wrote the title, then speedily extra the “3 powerful ways” and also a line to describe each of these. I knew this might be enough to return to and develop into an guide, which wouldn’t happen to have been the case if I’d just created down half for the title or maybe just one for the 3 techniques.

2. Utilize a Inventive Voice Recorder. This may be a Dictaphone or any type of transportable machine able to recording seem. Plenty of people choose to hear and communicate their way by using their strategies well before recording them in a created variety.

While you have an plan, retailer it your voice recorder, and insert to it any more particulars, ideas and connected tips you could imagine of. Once more file enough to make certain that after you return on the stored thought, it at once arrives back again to lifetime, somewhat than resulting in you to definitely truly feel it is actually merely a assortment of random unrelated words and phrases.

While using document case in point, I would have recorded one thing like “how to capture inventive hints, three solutions, first is e book, craft thoughts in record varieties, 2nd way, vocal recorder, communicate thru hints and versions, 3rd far more visible, similar to a intellect map, reveal each and every way and provides illustration of how they could do the job, do not forget to seize in adequate element to return to and simply increase…”

3. Make use of a Imaginative Sketch Pad. With this approach, use a plain sketch pad, again one thing that’s transportable a sufficient amount of for you to maintain along with you by any means periods. Where exactly the Innovative Creative ideas Guide is structured inside of a list or linear kind, utilize the Innovative Sketch Pad in a additional complimentary contemplating and multi-directional way.

After you possess a new understanding, compose or draw it with the centre of the new website page. Then without delay think from the completely different features or attributes with the concept. Draw these as traces popping out from that preliminary central understanding.

To make use of my write-up instance all over again, I would have set the title within the centre, then experienced each and every with the three methods like a separate arm extending with the centre, that has a several increased points noted down. I could then have added other arms this sort of as “the trouble we’re addressing”, “background scenario”, “action points”, “key benefits”, “other similar issues”, and so on.

Experiment and practice

You are likely to know all by yourself which of those three methods is probably going to operate preferred for you, but I might motivate you to definitely look at all 3 independently and then in combination to seek out what is actually strongest and successful for the specific method of setting up.

The key to these systems can be to use them as usually as you possibly can, also to continue to keep that creativeness flowing. Even if you don’t feel like you have any new recommendations, just history what’s as part of your ideas and just before very long the latest way or strategy will appear to you personally.

One other suggestion is every time you record an strategy in any from the techniques previously mentioned, contemplate about close versions relating to the concept and report a small number of of these too. It’s a amazing time for you to do that as your brain is tuned into to that particular line of imagined. You begin to train your self to imagine in sets, groups or collections of strategies, quite than solitary ones.

So, exactly what are you waiting for, go and acquire people concepts recorded most suitable away!